Beard Oil

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Beard Oil

Our beard oil is a blend of Jojoba, Sweet Almond, & Argan oil infused with pure therapeutic grade essential oils.  Moisturize your facial hair and the skin beneath, by adding a few drops of this fabulously scented beard oil right after washing your face.  It smells great and doubles as a natural cologne.  We currently have four "formulas" to choose from: 

Formula One:   Frankincense, Sandalwood, & Cedarwood   

Formula Two:   Vetiver, Orange & Patchouli

Formula Three: Cedarwood & Orange

Formula Four:  Peppermint & Vetiver


Here's my favorite review on our beard oil...

Beard oil review:
Admit it, beards are popular today.  It has been said that beards are to men what push-up bras are for women.  They improve the presentation of what you’re working with!
I’ve had a beard for a couple of years now, and the biggest problems I encounter are scruffiness and dry skin.  I call it beard-druff.  Not attractive at all!
A friend suggested I try some beard oil to help with both issues.  I was hesitant because I immediately thought of hipsters twirling their mustaches.  I have no desire to wear plaid pants and coordinate suspenders with my eyeglass frames.
Still . . . a scruffy face leads to far fewer kisses from my beautiful wife.  I decided to give beard oil a try.
Jennifer at Hancock Hill Farms showed me several blends of beard oil.  She patiently answered my questions and made suggestions.  I decided on blend number one since it has Frankincense.  Good enough for Jesus . . . you get the picture.
After a week of use, I can see improvement in both problem areas.  The oils are able to soften my beard and hydrate my face to help with the dry skin.  I have not felt any urges to wear vests with white shirts or sport a watch chain.  I’ll keep you posted.
In all seriousness, this was an affordable solution that helps my face looks its best.  I would recommend it to any man who wants to make his beard that much more appealing.